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Unleash the Power of Compelling Storytelling,
Eye-catching Design and Expert Web Development.
Drive Sales and Take Your Business to New Heights Today!


Professional Graphic & Brandbook Design. Your Logo Design & Company Identity will be ready for the world stage!

Web Page Design

We embrace innovation as a core value, constantly seeking new and creative ways to supercharge design efforts and drive business growth.

Social Network

The company stays ahead of industry trends and leverages cutting-edge technologies to provide innovative marketing solutions.


We write for results: Our main goal is to generate sales for your business. With our expertise in persuasive writing, we ensure that every word we craft stimulates a reaction and ultimately leads to a key action.

Photo & Video

Elysien Group embraces innovation as a core value, constantly seeking new and creative ways to your drive business growth. We use Professional Photography only and fine art Video Production to make your services or product shine!

What we do

Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts with Elysien-Group – Unleash the Power of Compelling Storytelling, Eye-catching Photo and Video Design, Professional Logo Creation, and Expert Web Development. From Event Marketing to Gift Marketing, we’ve got you covered with all types of marketing strategies. Take your business to new heights and drive more sales with our comprehensive marketing solutions. Get started now!

Core values of company

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Elysien Group values creativity as a core principle, harnessing the power of compelling storytelling, eye-catching photo and video design, and professional logo creation to deliver innovative marketing solutions.


Elysien-Group is committed to delivering excellence in all aspects of its services, ensuring that every comprehensive marketing strategy is executed with the highest level of quality and professionalism.


Elysien Group fosters a culture of collaboration, recognizing the importance of working together as a team to achieve the best results for clients. This value is reflected in the company’s  marketing solutions that cover various aspects of marketing.


Elysien-Group upholds the highest standards of integrity in its business practices, ensuring transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct in all interactions with clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Our team comprises a collective of individuals who exhibit seamless collaboration, mutually complementing each other in both professional and personal capacities.

Our work ethic is characterized by dynamism and efficiency, consistently adhering to predetermined deadlines. We perceive ourselves as the conduit between your visionary aspirations and the cognitive processes of your target audience.

Our unwavering commitment lies in imbuing every endeavor with a personalized touch, ensuring our distinctiveness and the narration of a captivating narrative behind your product or service.

Our work

While the possession of a superior product or service is imperative,
we firmly assert that the remaining 50% of success resides in the cultivation of an enthralling storyline
that distinguishes you from competitors and entices customers.

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Our Team

Maja Batur,


A lawyer with a diploma from the University of International Relations and Diplomacy, who has gained extensive experience in the demanding environment of the banking industry over the course of several years, is adept at crafting compelling narratives about your product. Additionally, this individual possesses the ability to generate unique ideas pertaining to various marketing options.

Angela Marunica,

Digital Marketing

With over 40 completed courses, this young lady has acquired extensive training in social network management and ad creation. Her youthful perspective brings a refreshing touch to the company, infusing it with a modern outlook.

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Our capabilities extend beyond the creation of logos and web pages to encompass event organization,
catalogue design, and media text composition, with no limitations to what we can achieve.

Contact us +385  99 785 1986 or e-mail: info@elysien-group.com

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